Monday, 24 March 2014


I'm not often at home (only in the weekends), but when I'm there I enjoy my fancy rooms even more :P In my old home in Germany I had nearly no space and always chaos (my friends can attest it). Once a friend of mine entered my room with the words: 'You have such a huge house, couldn't you use this as a boxroom?' I wondered the same... I didn't even try to decorate it.
It should changed in our house in Poland... My parents promised me a whole floor, if I moved with them - they promised a riding hall too - this 'whole floor' contains 2 of 5 small rooms on the second floor... I shouldn't complain, but they promised it....
When it comes to decorating I am so bad... I couldn't be worse, but this time I wanted to follow a certain style... Even a cute white-lavender more modern or a complete dark wine-red vintage style.
I couldn't decide so I did the same mistake again... I combined!
The problem with this combination is the fact, that the rooms are not completely separated and one wall is lavender-red... An ugly combination...

This is the first 
the lavender room

clock - pepco
love-mirror - kik
normal frames - ikea
love-frame - kik
chain stand - art-pol
other frame - pepco
lantern - thrifted
cabinet - jysk

tv - lg
antenna - media markt :P
bird cage stand - hagemeyer
bird house - thrifted
frame - ikea
heart earring stand - home & you
tv cabinet - vox

bed - vox
bedclothes - jysk
pillow - jysk
bed cabinet - jysk
lamps - pepco
lavender pictures - home & you
hanger - selfmade
cookie-box - from 'landpartie' in bueckeburg

frames - pepco
chain stand - pepco
bird - nanu nana
porcelain heart - thrifted
vase - greek shop

photo board - pepco

the nostalgy room

couch - antique store
home-sign - pepco
shelf - vox
frames - various
easel - craft shop
wardrobe - vox
clock - heritage
bike-frame - home & you
extremly fancy light bulb - castorama
russian fighting cat ('korsza') - gift (elisabeth harder) 

Which room do you like more and what would you change?
I am always glad to get decorating tipps :)